22.01.2024Healing Arts

Manifesting Your Golden Reality l Subliminal Sleep Programming for Powerful Thought Transformation


07.01.2024Master Class

Painting with Acrylics with Arnold Lowrey


14.03.2023Creative Visualization

639 Hz ➤ Angelic Healing Choir ➤ Attract Love ➤ Re-connecting and Balancing, Relationships


14.03.2023Harmonization Program
528 Hz Heart Chakra Regeneration | Repair & Heal The Heart Chakra | Open & Balance ANAHATA Chakra

12.01.2023Healing Arts Tutorial
Remove All Negative Blockages : Erase Subconscious Negative Patterns - Release Unwanted Thoughts

12.01.2023Deep Healing Delta Waves
METAMORPHOSIS "Rhythm of the Universe" [ Altar Records ]

12.01.2023Guided Meditation
Méditation sur l"Instant Présent




22.12.2022Guided Meditation
Harmonisation des Chakras - Méditation Guidée (en français)

28.11.2022Healthy Lifestyle
Podcast : Sexualité : comment faire durer le désir ? | ELLE ZEN

07.09.2022Harmonization Program

432 Hz - Ambient Angelic Music ➤ Manifesting Harmony, Peace & Happiness | Deep Theta Binaural Beat


30.08.2022Harmonization Program
Autumn Awakens - Personal Harvest and Autumn Equinox Meditation

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28.03.2016 19:58Healing Arts

All our Universe is Created by the Supreme Principles of Universal Balance and Prosperity. Every element of Being is nothing else, but a pure ‘reflection’ of the Supramental Divine-Cosmic Hologram of Universal Consciousness (Expanded form of Intelligency ) More...

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23.03.2016 00:21Healing Arts

The Light Healing Affirmations are the 'magical tool' for Self-Attunement on the vibrations of Light and Harmony. It is like a cleansing 'shower' of luminous energy, which washing you from the top and up to the bottom. Enjoy this healing therapy everyday ... More...

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18.03.2016 16:57New Publications

New Issue of NOOSPHERE MAGAZINE is dedicated to the Vernal Equinox, New Rising Sun, Mystic Arts by the Famous English Artist Josephine Wall, Healing Arts' Colour Therapy and inspirational articles, dedicated to the Path of the Spiritual Sun in Cosmic ... More...

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28.02.2016 19:30Online Courses
Instant Download

Crystals have been revered for thousands of years as amazing tools that can offer us physical and emotional healing, help us to manifest our desires, offer us answers to our questions, and support us to follow our calling. More...

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05.02.2016 00:09New Publications
Quantum Healing Radio-Station

All souls are born from the nursery of Light called the Divine Matrix. We came to this adventurous plane called Earth as Star Beings operating through the brilliant pinpoint of Our Supramental consciousness focused within our physical bodies. More...

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24.12.2015 08:05Spirituality

The New Earth is a term used to describe the next dimension of life on planet earth. Right now humanity is engaged in the collective process of ascension. Ascension is an energetic journey in which we birth into an awareness of the bliss... More...

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16.12.2015 14:42New Publications

This New Issue of NOOSPHERE MAG, 16 we dedicated to the Great Upcoming Cosmic Events @ Winter Solstice 2015 and New Years' Eve 2016. The Issue is Full of Inspirational Messages from Top Level Transpersonal Psychologiests and Quantum Healers, New Books' ... More...

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15.11.2015 04:25Metaphysics
The Cosmic Tree of Life.

As a seed is being planted from the heavens above, born from a far away place, each seed comes with a gift to share and bloom into its very potential to the fullest. As we were planted in the ‘dirt’ (more densificated layers), we may not remember want we came for, ... More...

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02.10.2015 10:45Spirituality
The Spirit of GAIA. …

Mother Earth is shifting from the 3th dimension into the 5th dimension. How does this shift effect our lives on earth, in other words, what lies ahead of us? For a long time Mother Earth has been a school for our souls to experience life in duality. The ... More...

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