Cosmic Astrology

08.10.2022 18:00Cosmic Astrology

Modern human beings have lost intimate contact with the seasons, but agricultural or peasant peoples were much more aware of them. However, seasons are still so important that they define the basic cycle of astrological signs. The name "seasons" refers to the stages and stations of the Sun in the sky, ... More...

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03.03.2022 18:51Cosmic Astrology

This year we will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention: a unique legal instrument that protects both both cultural and natural heritage. Because of this, the World Heritage List includes the most spectacular sites across the globe, and continues to grow.In this issue, we are ... More...

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05.08.2020 20:14Cosmic Astrology

Nature may reach the same result in many ways. Like a wave in the physical world, in the infinite ocean of the medium which pervades all, so in the world of organisms, in life, an impulse started proceeds onward, at times, may be, with the speed of light, at times, again, so slowly that for ages and ages it seems to stay, ... More...

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13.02.2020 18:43Cosmic Astrology

We have crossed yet another threshold into unchartered territory. The field is more malleable than ever. And more and more people are becoming even more awake and aware of the power of their choices, thoughts, and actions.But how do we align our choices and intentions with this ever-changing landscape ... More...

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02.01.2020 20:35Cosmic Astrology
Solar Energy Vortex

Solar Storm Now very Active. It takes a few days for the Coronal Mass Ejection (up to 10 billion tonnes of plasma) that is released with a Solar Flare to reach Earth, as it is so dense and heavy, which is why it has taken until today for the "active" Geomagnetic Storm status to be reached.However, the energy from a Solar Flare, ... More...

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22.09.2019 12:58Cosmic Astrology

On Monday, September 23rd the Equinox arrives at 0 degree Libra, opening a stargate portal in zero point energy while day and night are equal length. It is the balance point between opposing forces. We can expect unusually powerful solar waves while the Equinox Gateway is open. In a rare moment of galactic equilibrium, ... More...

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16.02.2019 19:39Cosmic Astrology
Spirit of Maat, by D…

If you happen to live in some morally decaying civilization where money is more important than honesty and negative thinking seems to prevail, any minute is the right time to stop and think.Remember that through the apparent multiplication of obstacles the Law of Karma is but inviting you to become stronger than before in your own good will and More...

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09.02.2019 23:22Cosmic Astrology
New SunRise

Gaia is currently experiencing an extraordinary transformation of consciousness. The Great Shift has been predicted by the indigenous tribes throughout history. It is the Coming of the Christed Consciousness and the evolution of mankind. The shift is occurring in both the physical and metaphysical realms. ... More...

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