Cosmic Nirvana Networks ( CNN) - ‘Providing New Algorithms’…

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Cosmic Nirvana Networks ( CNN) - ‘Providing New Algorithms’…

Our Universal All-Embracive Consciousness capable to co-create in one unity-streaming with the most Cosmo-Intelligent and Celestial ‘Spheres’ , supporting the luminous codes of love, prosperity and deep inner peace. It is expansion on the new stage of evolution, in solution and prospectives for the Global Planetary ‘Cosmic Nirvana Networks’ (CNN)…

‘Celestial CNN’ is going to take a new range of frequencies, totally becoming invisible for low-initiated ‘souls’, who didn’t reach the level of Universal Self-Identification. It is the process of Cosmic Ascension Plan’ - activated to provide new algorithms in ‘hidden software programming’ …

“…Greetings, dear friends, we are here. It is our intention to assist you in creating a new vision—a vision that inspires you to live and love on planet Earth. Like a priceless jewel, buried in dark layers of soil and stone, Earth radiates her brilliant beauty into the caverns of space and time. As a value yet to be realized and discovered, she patiently awaits her coronation by her people. She creates you and sustains you, and without her, as you now know yourselves, you could not be. We ask you, as seekers of the great stories, to proclaim an allegiance to Earth. Pledge the transformation of yourselves, which is the journey through light and dark, and honor Earth’s momentous role in setting you free. As threads unravel to reveal your celestial heritage, do not become entrapped by a glamour from the heavens, for you too are on a star, reflecting and radiating light to worlds seeking the solutions to their own creations. Your task at this point in time is to activate Your Personal Cosmic DNA Codes, synchronised with the Living Library of Earth, to restore Earth and the Updated New Human ‘VERSION’ of life to the forefront of creation. This is the journey you are on…”…

( Cosmic Pleaidian Stellar-Records for 2030 Universal Agenda - based on previous Revelations from the Most Profound Deeply Initiated ‘Transmitters’ - Lightworkers and Quantum Healers, for the Universal Benefit - Expansions…&&& )

“…There are many versions of reality—each viable with its own purpose and intent. Time, space, and the existence of worlds are amorphous, only as real as the attention you put upon them. There are many other timelines, which we can experience some times simultaneously, as if living our own lives in inter dimensional space-continuum… and this is true, it is quite easy to be lost ( inside of those dimensions), - so be open-minded, do not lose your connections with Your Origins - Your True Spiritual Light Family, and Cosmic Star Beings will always be in time to Guide You from ‘Above’ - in one universal key of Your Supramental Intelligence…” ( Starseeds InVisions’ )

“…We ask each of you to open your mind and heart, for within your body and Earth herself lie the answers to the great mysteries you seek. Although we appear to exist from without, as a collective of ‘Universal Synergies’ with inter dimensional codings of multi-stellar-systems ( Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians, Orionians, Antakaraniuns, united via the fields of universal loving vibes, and totally ‘transcendentum’ -invisible for your current galactic location, due to ‘inter-dimensional-over-mapping’ -systems, creating multi-layered subtle substantial structures for a soft transitions from densificated ‘lagoons’ in our galaxy into high-vibrational’- smoothing exaltanté - peaceful space-timing @ outside of ‘lingering chronology’ … )…- It is all reachable in-within, through the special quantum attunements we provide every session in our transpersonal missions….@ Stay Tuned, on the Waves of Light, to receive Your New Luminous cosmic ‘codes ‘ from our Supra-Celestial Universal Spheres - it is a pure transmission of light fréquences capable to cure any form, or even ‘formations’ of living beings and transmute them into the new stage, according to their individual missions… “ ( Luminous Codes for Inner Transformation’)

“…Pleiadian energies calling to you from the future, we also exist within you. We are your ancestors, existing within you as well as without. We are you, on the golden spirals of time, cycling the epochs of existence, calling to you yourselves to reconsider all you thought holy. We ask you to reevaluate the purpose of your life, to redefine the forces that rule you, to resurrect the codes of consciousness stored in your being. It is time for you to reclaim your knowledge as a creator through thought, to recall the purpose of the ‘Living Library of Earth’ - Universal ‘COSMO-GENESIS’, with the most valuable essentials collected from the Entire Galaxy and much beyond that, to restore the Original Cosmo-Genetical beauty through value of life, and to remember who you are. Journey with us now through the mysteries of your world….”

( Cosmic RECORDS - for ‘ Inner Traditions’ )

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