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The Holographic Vision of the Universe. (Based on the Book: "The Holographic Universe", by Michel Talbot)...

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The Holographic Vision of the Universe.

(Based on the Book: "The Holographic Universe", by Michel Talbot)...

The New Earth Consciousness will be formed on the holographic model of the Universe. It will be an Integral Theory of Everything. This will be the breakthrough in science which will lead the rest of the world to this new understanding that we are indeed all one.

This is a very important part of Spiritual Science for Inner Transformation in the entire Holistic Education for the Future Human Race. The importance of this enquiry is not to be underestimated in the new shift in consciousness and our truth that we live in a holographic universe where everything is uploaded the instant we think about it. That everything is interconnected in a way that hitherto was not understood on earth. This shift in science to the holographic universe model will be the most important underlying change in perspective and will allow all other 'systems' of belief to remain intact.

Increasing research into quantum physics and the quest for greater understanding of the human energy field has brought forth an altogether novel discovery that we do live in a Holographic Universe. Not only do we live in a continuously morphing field of energy responding to our very thoughts and senses, but what we consider to be the 'mind' exists not in our brain but in that dynamic field of energy.

Drawing from numerous scientific studies, researchers have removed, cut up and reinstalled disfigured brains into lab animals - only to witness full cognitive memory was retained. How is that possible, they asked! Upon further testing it became clear that what we call the 'mind' resides in the quantum field of information and streams into the brain for processing. Our human brain acts more like a train station, directing the stream of data down certain pathways to the receptor sites within our bio-energetic system. The source of human intelligence and conscious awareness responds and travels along waves of energy in the subtle energy field that forms our bodies and our lives. Not only does it supply our brains with thoughts, creative ideas, visions and dreams, but it also designs and instructs the very formation of our physical manifestation. At the very essence of our being, we are highly sensitive, dynamic whirlpools of creative energy! Our minds are instructing our sub-atomic particles to form in certain shapes, sizes and patterns. We are a living holographic being!

Flashing in a magnificent array is the planetary kaleidoscope of 6.8 billion projected holograms of human energy fields. What a sight to see! As our human minds conjure images, desires and thought programs into laser light through our 3rd Eye lens, we are constantly influencing how our lives manifest. And so, if our world reality depends on what information is streaming through our minds, then we have the power to change it.

We first must observe and decide what exists in our current holographic reality that does not serve us, does not match our Soul Truth and does not manifest abundant joy and positive growth. These are the patterns and programs that need to be selectively dismantled and cleared from our holographic minds. As we dissect and discern the non-truth from our Soul's path and purpose, we discover how much false information has been inserted from the collective field into our human energy field, and thus into our human reality.

Much of what we experience as Survival Fear is triggered by external forces to activate the oldest part of our brain - the reptilian brain or R- Complex, which is responsible for rage and basic survival flight-or-fight responses. Once we realize how much power our minds have in creating our holographic reality, we can break free of all interfering 'fear-based' codes, patterns, and programs that are separating us from our Soul Presence and preventing all advancement in spiritual ascension.

As we are currently living under the powerful holographic program of polarity, our human electro-magnetic field operates in a constant state of opposing forces. We are unable to experience prolonged ease, relaxation, and joy - for the ever-present counter-force of duality pushes back. Our holographic world stage consists of parasitic energetic consumerism to survive. And so we must liberate our minds from the hologram of parasitic behavior, so that we can transition into the universal hologram of unity consciousness. Both exist now in our earthly realm, and both are calling to us!

If you choose to join the growing number of souls in the New Earth Hologram and yearn for peace, loving kindness and a sustainable community of ONE, then we can help you break free of the crippling program of polarity...and set up holographic decoys for the consuming external world to lock onto, so you can live freely in love and joy!

This year we are being guided to prepare and position ourselves so that we can seed in the New World of unity consciousness. As we break free of the corrupted, collapsing hologram of duality we can expect more earth changes that will change and shift Earth's Poles, as the polarized fields break apart. Now is the time to realign with the Galactic Core as our Central Vortex of Creation, as a stabilizing factor for balancing our electro-magnetic field. We can no longer orient our Core Center with the collapsing polarized field of Planet Earth.

We are being granted access to a new realm of Universal Love and Abundance, but it requires an extraordinary shift in consciousness in the inner mind. All is derived from the state of our mind, be it crystal clear with Soul Truth or clouded in confusion of misinformation and illusion. Scientific studies demonstrate that when our mind is focused on the material world, the frequencies in the energy field tend to be in the same lower range of 250 cycles per second (cps) as the body's biological frequencies. Those who are psychic or have healing abilities have frequencies in the range of 400 to 800 cps in their field. Trance channelers operate in a narrow band of 800 to 900 cps.

The key to accessing the higher realms of the New Earth Hologram requires people to vibrate above 900 cps, so not only can they perceive higher knowledge but they know what to do with the information. At this level we can transform our holographic realities and change our lives forever. By clearing all divisive programming and negative belief systems from our minds, we not only are raising our vibration but entering into a New World…


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