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Morning Music for Positive energy & Harmony Inner Peace | Music for Mood & Creativity 432 Hz

Harmonization Program
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Published на YouTube 06.09.2017

Light instrumental playful background music for raising the mood. Musical tablet from depression.

Healing Music for Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Negative | Super Meditative Music

Healing Meditation on the healing frequency 432 Hz, 432 Hz is an awakening, the opening of the heart center, the level of love, harmony, joy. 432 Hertz is also called the frequency of the universe.

This music of healing very favorably affects the mind, has a healing and soothing effect. With the help of this music - meditation you can easily reach a state of peace and tranquility. Meditation easily helps to remove the negative, heals, defragments it, helping to find integrity.

This meditation is suitable for beginners, just beautiful music for meditation, life is beautiful, meditation will help to find harmony, meditation is strong healing of the body, this meditation is abundance, happiness and inspiration.
This video meditation is very useful before going to sleep, meditation raises kundalini, meditation helps to gain strong health.

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